Lauren- The Youngest

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Who is Lauren?
The sunshiny-est person on the planet (says her husband matt). She is a Wellness Coordinator for Brigham Young University (and a student there for 1.5 more semesters). She loves fitness, nutrition and her hubbin Matt. She enjoys running, cooking, and skiing. I am dedicated to what i put my mind to.

What does Angela think about Lauren?
Not afraid to share her opinions, beautiful, confident, one of a kind

What does Whitney think about Lauren?
Not afraid to be herself, confident, hard worker, awesome friend, fun and funny.

What will Lauren offer?
Exercise, health, and nutrition tips


  1. hi lauren, i came across this blog and thought waw 3 blogs in one i wonder what its all about , but after seeing what u blog about i started wondering if u could actually help me , i am a 38 year old female been through a lot the past year with my health , had suregery and since then i have gain a lot of weight i was always over weight at 218 pounds but since the hospital am almost 240, and this is from feb to dec , i have been to several diaticien now i am curently seeing one at the hospital but nothing is moving as fast as i would like .i have not been working for a year due to me health but i would really like to loose some weight it will motivate me a bit , do u have any advice for me pls feel free to drop me a line, much appreciated.have a great day

  2. Cheryl-Ann, I'd be happy to provide a little advice. Feel free to post some of your specific questions here and I will do my best to point you in the right direction. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Lauren,
    How do I get my ugly knees looking cute? I exercise every day but that area just above my knee and my kneecaps is pudgy and bumpy. Help!

  4. Wall squat, lunges, and leg press are all great exercises to target those specific areas. They really help target the quadricep muscle right above the knee area. I would recommend holding a wall squat at 90 degrees for 30 twice. Do 20 lunges twice alternating legs. Then do leg press at an agressive weight for 10 times twice. Hope this helps!!


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