Finding Inspiration in Exercise

Friday, September 9, 2011

Many of us say that exercising is a chore; that it's something we put at the bottom of our list, and if we get to it, we get to it. This is the completely wrong mindset.

We need to say that exercising is the only way that we function properly and the only way we can stay mentally and physically strong.

Begin to look at exercising as an inspiration. Use it as a time to rejuvenate yourself and allow yourself to feel confident in your skin.

For me, there is nothing more mentally calming, physically empowering and overwhelmingly inspirational than running down this trail:

Hobble Creek Canyon, Springville, Utah

As it turns to fall, I feel my body ache to run, walk or bike down this beautiful trail. It clears my mind, makes me feel strong and most of all, it inspires me.
Allow this to happen to you in your exercise. Find a location in your town that allows you to look forward to getting out and exercising because of the inspiration it brings.
Many times we find that we have tried to exercise, we get in a good routine and then we just get plain burnt out. It happens. It sure has happened to me. Don't let this stop you from allowing exercise to become an inspiration.

Here are some great ways to get you out of your exercise funk and to make exercising rejuvenating and fun again:
  • Switch up your exercise music playlist
  • Try something new that you have never done before (like Zumba or yoga)
  • Get your kids or spouse involved by going on a brisk walk or a bike ride in the evenings
  • Change the location of your exercise. (Drive to a trail to run or bike or do yoga in a park instead of in your living room. Take advantage of new places while on vacation, or participate in races that are not in your area to make the race more fun and exciting!)
  • Find an exercise buddy or running group to join. Who said you have to do it alone?
  • If you are a runner, try swimming for a few weeks; it will sure give your knees a break, and allow your body to overcome a plateau that comes from doing the same exercise over and over again.
There are so many things that we can do to stay inspired by exercising. It is just of matter of getting out there and doing it! Let your mind be creative in what it can do and let your body reap the benefits.
Give these tips a try. I am continually inspired every day by exercising and allowing my body to get the workout it needs. It is such an awesome thing!
So tell me, what inspires you?


  1. I love this post! As a person who struggled with their weight since childhood I finally found my exercise refuge in an all women dance studio almost 3 years ago. I lost and kept off over 55 pounds while allowing it to completely change my life. I moved beyond just those walls and started running, doing yoga, and biking as other means of getting my "fix". I also ended up quitting my corporate job to teach pole, Zumba and other classes there. Life doesn't get much better than being around other women trying to improve their lives, you know?

  2. Lauren, I also loved this post! I have been looking for some inspiration for getting back into exercising after the triathlon. My excuse was that it was too hot outside to run. It is no longer hot outside, so I guess I have no excuse.

    And Kathy, I loved your comment. Especially the last line. It is so true! Thank you!


  3. Kathy,

    I love your story of exercising making A healthier and happier you! Dancing in so much fun and I am glad that's what got you going. Keep up the good work!



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