And were back....!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sorry for the long hiatus, with the holidays and getting back into the swing of things, we have been MIA.

This weekend my cute cousin Lydia helped me vamp up some of the pillows on my couch.

1. I found this cute fabric at Hobby Lobby.

2. I decided to make fabric flowers to add the the pillows. Cut out 3 different sized felt circles.

3. Cut strips of the different fabrics and scrunched the ends. Then hot glue the end of the fabric to the felt circle. 

4. Once glued, continue to fold and scrunch the flower in a circle. Then continue to hot glue the fabric down as you wrap it in a circle. 

5. Cut the extra felt off the sides of the flowers. 

6. Next, hand sew the flowers on to the pillow. 

6. Add more batting to the pillows if needed. I did since mine are a little older. 

7. Ta-da revamped pillows!! 

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