New Fall Scarves

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

There is one thing that I love about this time of year and that is breaking out my Fall wardrobe. Oh how I love my skinny jeans and sweaters! One thing that I was looking to add to my Fall wardrobe this year was scarves. But I have fallen into a cycle lately. I will go to the store and see something that I like, then I will refuse to buy it because I think that I can make it for cheaper. Right now Anthropologie has a plethora of beautiful ruffley scarves at prices that I am unwilling to pay. So I took a chance and created my own.

These were the easiest things to make. Each scarf is 2 yards long by 10 inches wide. I sewed a gathering stitch down the right side of the scarf, then I sewed another gathering stitch down the middle, and then I sewed another on the left side. I added some flowers and done! Both scarves completed during one naptime!

DSC08594 DSC08592 DSC08588  DSC08585

Now I am ready for Fall… scarves and all!

Lauren- The Youngest

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Who is Lauren?
The sunshiny-est person on the planet (says her husband matt). She is a Wellness Coordinator for Brigham Young University (and a student there for 1.5 more semesters). She loves fitness, nutrition and her hubbin Matt. She enjoys running, cooking, and skiing. I am dedicated to what i put my mind to.

What does Angela think about Lauren?
Not afraid to share her opinions, beautiful, confident, one of a kind

What does Whitney think about Lauren?
Not afraid to be herself, confident, hard worker, awesome friend, fun and funny.

What will Lauren offer?
Exercise, health, and nutrition tips

Whitney- The Middle

Who is Whitney?
A stay at home mom. Although motherhood has been the hardest struggle of my life, I am learning to love it more and more everyday and thankful for my wonderful daughter, Kate

A wife to a lawyer to be. Being a law school wife is never dull and am excited for the next chapter in our lives.

I love to find great deals and help people find great deals. Who doesn't love to save money?

I hope to one day finish my education in sonography (ultrasound technician)

I live for good food.

What does Angela think about Whitney?
Should be the oldest, great friend, beautiful, inspirational mother

What does Lauren think about Whitney?
Fun to be around, determined, great mom, flirtatious in her time, spiritual

What will Whitney offer?
Recipes, couponing, and money saving tips

Angela- The Oldest

Who is Angela?
Retired Middle School teacher, now a full-time Mom. I think motherhood is the coolest job- Although it took me actually becoming a mother to realize that.

A grateful heart. Daily I am thankful for everything that I have been blessed with. I'm not going to lie my life is pretty awesome!

New-ish home owner to a new-to-me but old (built in 1904) home.

Aspiring Disney Princess. Someday I will be Belle!

Reformed shop-a-holic- although my husband may not agree with that statement.

A day dreamer- most recent day dream to write award winning novels. And to write them while sitting in some cafe somewhere in Europe. I love to write and travel.

A woman who dislikes cooking and cleaning my bathroom.

A learner. I am learning to enjoy doing dishes and mopping floors.

A reader. I LOVE to read!

And new to this list... a sewer, crafter, and home decorator.

What does Whitney think about Angela?
Always smiling, always laughing, fun to be around, a really great friend, role model, smart

What does Lauren think about Angela?
Crafty, creative, an example, loving mother, a fun wife, a joy to be around

What will Angela offer?
Sewing, crafting, and home decorating tips
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