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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I recently made a corkboard clock. This is not the only clock I am in the process of working on. If you check out our Facebook page, or my friend Tara's blog you will learn about another clock that I am currently working on. But the one I am sharing with you today is fun, because it is unique and completely made from scratch. (Well sort of… I’ll be honest, I don’t know how to make corkboard from scratch :)


I started with the materials listed above. The corkboard for this clock is actually an Ikea cork hot pad or heat trivet as Ikea calls it. They come in packs of three. The second that I saw them I knew that they wouldn’t be used to keep heat off of my table. As soon as I got home from Ikea I started to transform the pieces of cork. One of them I decided to turn into an awesome clock.

1. I took the cork, placed it on top of my paper and then I traced around it.

2. I then cut out my traced circle.Then I put the piece of paper to the side for a moment.

collage 1_edited-1

3. Then I measured to find the exact center of the cork circle.

4. I drew a circle in the middle of the circle.

5. I used my knife to cut out the drawn circle.

collage 2_edited-1

6. I then placed my clock piece into the hole.

7. I pushed it and turned it until it came through the other side.

collage 3_edited-1

8. I cut out numbers on a blank piece of paper. Then I tapped them to where I wanted them on the clock.

9. I cut out all of the numbers.

collage 4_edited-1 copy

10. I pushed the piece of paper down until it broke through the middle. You want to make sure the center piece for where you will put the clock hands is showing through.

11. I used Mod Podge to glue down the paper to the cork.


12. I screwed on my clock hands.


And then I was done! I love how the numbers look like they are hidden in the design.


The cork did come in a pack of three so here is what I did with the other two.



And are these really hanging on a shutter that sits in my back yard? No. But they will soon be hanging on a shutter that sits above my bed. The shutter is actually going to be used for a future headboard. I just need to get around to painting it. Then find the time to have my husband mount it to the wall. Our home was built in 1904 and I don’t know what they used to make their walls back then, but man our walls our basically impenetrable. I have to rely on my husband to hang anything.  

I love my new corkboard creations!



You know that I love a good competition! Keeping my fingers crossed that I get to participate in this one!


  1. LOVE the texture of the cork combined with the fabulous lace. Beautifully and cleverly done, you smart woman!

  2. What a great idea for cork board. Looks great and fancies it up!!!
    I am a new follower.

  3. love this angela!!! so great! can't wait to see your other clock! :)

  4. How cute! What a great idea for a clock!

  5. Great idea, and super cute too! I have 2 of these and was wondering what to do with them..thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh, I love this! Sensational!!!

  7. so pretty and creative--thanks for sharing!


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