New Fall Scarves

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

There is one thing that I love about this time of year and that is breaking out my Fall wardrobe. Oh how I love my skinny jeans and sweaters! One thing that I was looking to add to my Fall wardrobe this year was scarves. But I have fallen into a cycle lately. I will go to the store and see something that I like, then I will refuse to buy it because I think that I can make it for cheaper. Right now Anthropologie has a plethora of beautiful ruffley scarves at prices that I am unwilling to pay. So I took a chance and created my own.

These were the easiest things to make. Each scarf is 2 yards long by 10 inches wide. I sewed a gathering stitch down the right side of the scarf, then I sewed another gathering stitch down the middle, and then I sewed another on the left side. I added some flowers and done! Both scarves completed during one naptime!

DSC08594 DSC08592 DSC08588  DSC08585

Now I am ready for Fall… scarves and all!

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