The Lacey Infinity Scarf

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I am in the process of making a fun navy dress. I’ll make sure to share that with you when it is complete. The dress is made from a navy jersey, and it incorporates a little bit of lace. I had a few scrap pieces left over from that project. I decided to make my own infinity scarf with the scarps that I had left. Can I just tell you that I am in love with this scarf!

It is so simple to make. You can create it in 3 simple steps!


Step 1: Cut your fabric. You will need a 9 inch by 2 yard piece of jersey or knit. You will also need a 9 inch by 15 inch piece of lace. (* I am going to leave the knit un-hemmed. It wont fray since it is a knit. If that is going to bother you, I suggest cutting a 18 inch by 2 yard piece of knit. Then fold that in half and sew up the open side. Make sense? It will also give the scarf a fuller look as well.)

Step 2: Sew both ends of your lace to your knit. I overlaid the lace onto the jersey 1 inch. Since this in knit, I used a zig-zag stich. Or if you have a serger you could sew it with that instead.


Step 3. Done! You should now have a long tube of jersey and lace.


There are numerous ways to wear your scarf. Below are just a few ways that you could wear it.

Infinity Scarf

I love this scarf!



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