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Friday, October 28, 2011

Here is my favorite leg circuit series that I do with clients to make their legs look stronger and leaner. They are even great exercises you can do from home! Get to it!

1. Side lunge (10 on each side)

Start in a standing position and then shift your weight to one leg so it bends. Do 10 on each leg and then switch sides. 

2. Single leg get ups (10 on each leg)

Use a couch or a bench and stand up using one leg then switch sides.

3. Squat Jumps (20 repetitions)
 4. Wall sit (20 sec hold) 

Make sure to hold the wall sit nice and deep. Try to get a 90 degree angle in your knees. 

Go through each exercise and then repeat 2 more times. Do 20 repetitions or 20 sec holds for each exercise.

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