Denver Spring Soiree

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I know this post is a little late. This took place on March 10. I am finally getting a moment to sit down and write about it. I am so excited to share with you all about our Colorado blogger meet up!

First, I want to say that when my sisters and I started blogging we got into it for the purpose of staying connected. We all live in various parts of the country. We all have such different talents and interests. So Together we created this blog to learn from each other, and to help inspire each other to try new things, and to be a little Better everyday. Hence the name of the blog… Better Together. The one thing that never crossed my mind as we started this was that not only would this blog be a way to stay connected with my sisters, but it could also be a place to make new friends. I am so glad to have made so many new friends just through this blog.

Last weekend, I got together with some of the fabulous friends that I have made through my blogging experience, and I was able to make new ones. Ashley from Make it and Love it had the brilliant idea of holding a Colorado crafter/blogger meet up. Then she contacted Kirstin(Kojo Designs), Alison(Oopsey Daisy), Courtney(Sweet C Designs), and I, since she knew we were all friends and that we all lived in Colorado, to help get it organized. 

Can I just say that we had a blast! I just adore all of these ladies. It is a privilege to be friends with them in real life.
The meet up was a blast! Everyone came in, filled out their name tags, and took a little bag filled with paint- donated by one of our fabulous sponsors Plaid- and a little treat bag made by Ashley.
The meet-up had all sorts of delicious treats- appetizers, candy cups scattered about, and tons of cupcakes! The Colorado Cupcake Bar- where all of the cupcake flavors were named after various Colorado towns/mountains/etc- was a huge hit. There wasn’t a single cupcake left over. Wow! Kirstin and Alison put all the fabulous cupcakes together. Kirstin even made all the the fun cupcakes signs. They were delicious girls! Way to go!
For the first little while we all just ate, chatted, and worked on crafts. All of the crafts were donated by Pick your Plum… how generous! You could paint your own earrings, make fun shamrock magnets (Alison shared a tutorial for how to make those over on her blog) or you could make a fun mustache necklace or keychain.
Then it was time to hand out our giveaways! We had such generous sponsors. Check out everything we had to giveaway. At least half of everyone in attendance was able to go home with some thing. There were 100 + people there.

Alison called out numbers, and I handed out all of the prizes.

You have to check out all of our sponsors!

Then after the giveaways, Ashley did a little Q&A to respond to all of her frequently asked blogging questions. It was so fun to hear from her. She is such a sweetheart!
And that was it folks. Like I said, it was a blast!!!
Let’s do this again soon!

How fabulous are these photos? The pictures were taken from the lovely Katie of KB Digital Designs. Definitely head on over and check out KB Digital Designs (and like her page on FB!) or enter this giveaway at Make It and Love It for a free photography session with Katie!

It was so much fun to meet so many Colorado bloggers/crafters. Did we get a chance to talk at the meet-up? Leave a comment letting me know where I can find your blog! I would love to keep in touch with all of you fabulous ladies.

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