No Excuses Week #2

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Excuse #2 : I am too embarrassed and uncomfortable to go to a gym.

Exercising can feel intimidating at times. You might avoid going because you don't know how to use the equipment or what to do when you get there. If you fit that category, let's look at how to move past it.

I have listed some ways to make sure you still get a workout if you don't feel comfortable in a gym. 

1. Pick up some light dumbbells from the store; there are endless things you can do with them. Click here for a great list of exercises you can do at home. 

2. Go to your local library and pick up workout DVD's. The great thing about a lot of these DVD's is that the instructor in most videos makes sure there are modifications to each exercise so you don't have to be concerned about not being able to follow what he or she does. There is always a way to make sure you get the best benefit for your body.

3. Use a game console. Many game consoles such as the Wii, Xbox and Playstation now have exercising games. Zumba is one of those games. It is great to do at home because many people are afraid to do it with a class because they are afraid they won't keep up. By doing it at home you are able to still have a great time but don't have to feel self concious if you dont know all the moves. 

4. Move around with your kids. If you don't like going to the gym then take advantage of playing with your kids throughout the day. Whether it is at the park or in the backyard, make get physical activity by playing with your kids.

If going to a gym is not your thing, don't make it an excuse not to get some exercise in your day. Working out at home can be just as successful as working out at a gym. No more excuses!

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