Be Mine- Vintage Valentine Banner

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Here is my submission for American Crafter!

be mine

Be Mine- Vintage Valentine Banner


Below is my jump off point or my inspiration for the banner. I already had a few vintage valentines printed off and placed in old root beer bottles on my mantle (vintage valentines from here.) I wanted to create something that would mesh well with the valentine decor already found in my home.


I don’t have a step by step tutorial, but I can share a few details on how this was created…

I used my hand dandy cricut (surprise, surprise) to cut out the cardboard circles, the read and white polka dot hearts, and the black letters (Edwardian Script ITC). The cardboard is a thin cut, from a shoebox. It’s not your typical moving box cardboard, but I am sure that would work too. I also used my cricut to cut out the silhouette of the boy and girl. I just had my cricut cut out this image that I found somewhere online (I can’t remember where… sorry!)


Next, I made the pinwheels out of old book pages. Then I glued all of the pieces together. I hung the banner pieces from the lace using clothes pins which I distressed with brown ink. I also distressed the edges of the cardboard with ink as well to give it an antiqued look.


Now how fun would this be to give as an early valentines gift! You could wrap it up in a big lace bow. It could be for your mom, your sister, or your best friend.

DSC01183 DSC01188 

I would love to unwrap a gift like this! You could even write a personalized love note on the back of the banner.

DSC01193 DSC01195

Voting is up over on Naptime Crafters. You have until Sunday at Midnight to vote. So go vote for your favorite(me… hopefully me!)

be mine

Whether or not this makes the cut, it was so fun to create and it looks beautiful in my home! But still keep your fingers crossed that I make it to round 2!



  1. Oh this is so adorable! Love the crafty vintage feel, will have to go vote!

  2. That is way too cute!! You did a great job!

  3. You got my vote! I love how classy this is.. that is so hard to pull off with Valentine's Day stuff.

  4. Found you on Not Just A Housewife. This is probably my favorite project this week! Very pretty without being too "in your face" Valentine's day.

  5. This is a really inventive project. I love the vintage look. I like to use old book pages for lots of things, too. I have a wreath on my blog made from old book pages, please stop by sometime and check it out.

  6. This is very chic.. I love it. thanks for sharing. Mind if i follow and pop in from time to time?

  7. Hop on over to the Party! Would love for you to link-up @

    The Treasurista
    Finding and Creating FUN things...

  8. I love this POST! So cute! Thanks for linking up over at Trendy Treehouse. I will be sharing this next week in our featured spots!


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