A Little Easter for my Mantel

Monday, April 18, 2011

I saw these “Happy Easter” eggs in a recent Pottery Barn catalog. I figured they were about $40. Then I looked at the price and they were actually only $19. My mind thought, “sweet it’s like they are 50% off. I must get them at this low price.” I almost did. I went online to purchase them, but they were sold out. Bummer… at the time. Then I decided to try my hand at making some, with a little twist. Mine only cost $0.40. That’s almost like 100% off!

Happy Easter Vase Filler, Set of 11

Here is my version. I like that I got to choose a different font. I also like that they are a little more springy.


Behind the letters I added some butterflies, flowers, and bunnies.


Here is how you can make your own:

DSC03785 DSC03795

Materials needed: (I don’t know why I couldn’t get them all in one picture.)

-11 White Easter Eggs ($0.40 for pack of 12 at Hobby Lobby)
-Glue Stick
-Brown Paper
-Spring Colored Paper

DSC03999Fullscreen capture 4182011 34152 PM
1. First you want to cut out your letters and spring shapes. I had my cricut do that for me. (I used Harrington font.)
2. Next drill a hole into the top of the Easter egg. I am sure that was just what my husband imagined the drill being used for when he purchased it ;)

3. There is no picture for this… but cut yourself a piece of twine, tie a knot at one end, and pull the knot-free end through the hole you just made.
4. Glue your letters to your shapes. Then glue your shapes to your egg.
5. Then hang your eggs and you are done. I just used tape to hang mine from my mantel.

DSC04030 DSC04015 DSC04018

Happy Easter!



  1. Great idea! That turned out so very cute!!!

    amber @ barbwired

  2. they looks so nice, great idea!

  3. What a great idea! I'll for sure be copying this project.
    Thanks for the great picture directions!

    Love your blog and am your newest follower.

  4. Those are really, really pretty!

  5. hi there!
    Stopping by from Trendy Treehouse!
    Please stop by and say hi!


  6. Very cute, good idea I like better than PB!!


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