Stockpiling 101

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The best way to coupon and get the most for your money is to stockpile. Stockpiling simply means buying multiples of one item when it is at it's lowest price.That way you run out of something, you will never have to run out and pay full price for that item. You can just shop from what you have. So this asks the question, when is it at its lowest price and how much do I need to get? A good way to know if it is at it's rock bottom price is if it 70% off or more. This is when you know to stockpile! Knowing how much you will need of that item is really up to you to decide. All I ask is that you buy only what you need! There is no sense in buying 100 of something just because it is free or cheap. When you do that, that means there are none leftover for others to get the deal and who really needs to hoard that much stuff. Here are pictures from my stockpile. It may look tiny, but it is all that we need.

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