We’re Back!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Last week we took the week off from blogging. Why, you ask? In order to play together! Yep, all three of us were together last week. And we had a blast…

 spotting lions…


roaring with elephants…


dancing with gorillas…


squawking with flamingos… (do flamingos squawk?)

DSC04137   DSC04140   

riding tigers…


and exploring the rain forest.


I told you we had blast! We did even more than explore Denver’s wildlife, and this week we will show you some of the highlights of our time together. We will also be mixing things up a little this week. I(Angela) will not be the one crafting. Whitney and Lauren will be showcasing  their craftiness. I will be sharing Whitney and I’s hilarious experience with couponing. Get ready for an exciting new week with the Wray Sist3rs!

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