Pregnancy and Exercise

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

So, in honor of my sisters being pregnant (due a week apart, and both having girls) I thought I would dedicate my post to exercising while pregnant.

Here are three key reasons why exercising while pregnant can be beneficial:

1. It prevents severe weight gain
2. It can help with fatigue and exhaustion
3. It can help prevent gestational diabetes

Here are some some brief guidelines to think about before exercising while pregnant:

1. Avoid doing exercises on your back after the first trimester
2. Make sure you eat enough calories to replace fuel for you and your baby after exercise
3. Avoid contact sports

Here is a great workout to do while pregnant: 

Start by warming up with 15 minutes of walking at 3.5 speed. This is moderate speed that will be challenging for your body without over doing it. It is recommended that your heart rate does not exceed 150 beats per minute while exercising when pregnant.

1. 20 sumo squats
How to do a sumo squat: {just like picture below} Point toes out to either side of the room and then squat. If you are pregnant, place hands either at your hips or your chest. For the rest of you guys, place hands behind the head for more core work.

2. 10-second sumo squat hold, 10 pulses and 5-10 sumo walks
On your 20th squat, stay down and hold for 10 seconds, then do 10 little pulses. Still staying in your squat {you haven't come up yet} do 10 sumo walks.
How to do a sumo walk: Staying in your sumo squat position, walk {using inner thighs} two times front and then walk {using outer thighs now} two times back.

3. booty blasters
10 leg lifts
10 small leg circles {both outward and inward}
20 bent knee heel lifts
10 small leg circles, both directions
10 leg lifts

Booty blaster position: Get into an all fours position (just like picture below)
How to do...
Leg lifts: {just like picture above} Lift leg straight up and then tap big toe to the ground.
Leg circles: Keep hips square and circle.
Bent knee heel lifts: Bend your knee so its at 90 degrees, and allow your heel to lead, lifting to the sky and then lowering.
Tip: When you are doing the booty blasters, really concentrate on letting your glutes and hamstrings do the work! And breathe!

4.  15 bicep curls on stability ball 

Make sure you keep elbows in at your side, extending your arms all the way down and all the way up to your chest for full range of motion. 

Just a note of caution: Make sure you always check with your doctor before starting an exercise program while pregnant. 


  1. Agree with abdominal exercises. Calorie control is important. Crunches can’t assist a lot too, crunches can tone abs or strengthen abdominal muscles but it can’t definitely assist in losing belly fats.

  2. Thank you Lauren! I do a lot of walking, but not many other exercises. I'll have to try these out.

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