Easy St. Patty’s Day Decor

Monday, March 7, 2011


I have to be honest here, I really don’t know a whole lot about St. Patrick's day. To me March 17 is just that one day a year you wear green so that you don’t get pinched. Growing up this wasn’t a holiday that my family focused on. My brothers birthday is March 16 and my birthday is March 18 so March 17 was just a day for my mother to recuperate between birthday celebrations.

This is actually the first year I have ever had acknowledged St. Patrick's Day with some home decor. It wasn’t by choice. It is actually kind of funny how this all came about. I was at Joann's the other week buying some fabric. I was in line to check out. After being in line for no longer than 30 seconds I looked down to find that my son had grabbed a package of glittery shamrock foam stickers from the dollar bins, he had torn the package open and was now sucking on the cardboard. (This happened just after I had circled the store 3 times looking for my sons socks and shoes which he had taken off without my knowledge. I was able to find both shoes but only one sock. I win mother of the year award that day.) Luckily the stickers were only a $1.00. I figured purchasing them was easier than trying to explain the situation.


I got home that day wondering what to do with these shamrock stickers… I finally came to the conclusion that a little holiday cheer wouldn’t hurt. I ended up creating a fun and easy…

St. Patrick’s Day Banner


I created this in 3 simple steps:










Step 1. I started with a scrap piece of burlap that I had. I cut it into four triangles. I cut one triangle. Then I used that triangle as a template to cut out the rest.






Step 2. Then I hot glued the burlap triangles to a piece of twine.


Step 3. Once the glue was dry I stuck on my shamrock foam stickers.


Like I said… EASY! Now we have a reminder that there is something else to celebrate this month besides a few birthdays :)




  1. That's too cute! I've been looking for a St. Patrick's day type banner or garland, and I think I may have to do something similar to this! I love it! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Angela! That hutch or dresser that you have the banner hanging on would be AWESOME to repaint and glaze/stain. You should totally do it! It's so easy and so fun. I've redone several pieces of furniture, I would love to help you on it if you're interested. -Heather Kimball

    p.s. way cute banner!


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