How to Celebrate a Golden Birthday!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Last week we celebrated my husbands “golden” birthday. Now I use parenthesis, because technically it wasn't his golden birthday. See my husbands birthday is on July 1. Now obviously my husband did not turn 1 this year. That would be awkward if our son was older than his father ;) For years my husband has talked about how bummed he was that he never got to celebrate his golden birthday. Even if he did celebrate his golden birthday, he still wouldn’t have remembered it because he was so young. So this year I took the liberty of honoring this golden day. He turned 31 this year, so we celebrated his birthday on the 30th and the 1st.

I don’t usually decorate for my husbands birthday, I think it is something that I appreciate more than he does, but this year I decided to go all out. And guess what, he loved it! I went to Michaels and purchased some gold glitter paper. I used my hand dandy Cricut to cut out all of the 31’s and the stars. The rest of his décor came from Party City.

Aarons 31st Birthday3Aarons 31st Birthday

Here was the table where he found his golden birthday crown that, yes, I made him wear, his birthday necklace- actually we all wore golden necklaces, golden goblets- that’s all he was allowed to drink out of for two days, and more golden treats. And I say more, because…

DSC06458DSC06474DSC06465Aarons 31st Birthday1

I had already dropped off a bunch of golden treats at his work earlier that day to let him know that we would be celebrating his golden birthday. I also made him take his lunch to work in a golden happy birthday lunch sack.


We even had golden cupcakes. Gold cupcake liners, gold candles, gold sprinkles, and gold gel frosting. I even went with a carrot cupcake, because it had more of a golden color.


Happy “Golden” Birthday!



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  1. Happy Birthday Aaron! What a fun golden party Angie! I have to agree though, some parties turn out to be more for me than Nate. He doesn't care about the little details.


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