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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We’re back! Can I just say that I love taking the week off from blogging. When we take the week off it usually means that we are together! And this past week, we were! We all got together in Breckenridge, CO and played and ate and ate some more. We even got some sewing in, which we will share with you later. I love getting together with my sisters.

Since this past week involved traveling, I thought it would be appropriate to share a recent creation of mine that honors travel. This is a creation that both my husband and I really enjoy. Plus, it was super easy to create.


My husband and I enjoy traveling. We have been a few places in the three years that we have been married. We still have a lot more of the world to explore, but we have plenty of time to do so. Everywhere we go we pick up a magnet. Now this is just a collection of the places that my husband and I have been together. We have both traveled quite a bit more than this prior to knowing each other, but these magnets and this project just document our adventures together.


In addition to the fridge magnets, I wanted to create something else to document our travels together. I started with a corkboard sheet and a world stencil that I had cut out with my cricut.


I put my stencil in place and then stamped my bleached sand colored paint over the cork board on the stencil.


Next I took some chalkboard paint to the inside of a frame.


Then I painted the outside of the frame the same color as the map.


Then I added dots to the locations of our adventures.


Then I listed our travel dates on the chalk board(and wished that I had better handwriting.)



I love this little reminder of my husband and I‘s adventures together.



  1. love it! such a great idea, i especially love how you painted the cork board!

  2. i love anything map related, and i can't believe there's a cut out of the map from your machine. man, what CAN'T that thing do, lol. i've just ordered a print online with hearts marking the places we've been together, very similar to what you've done here. so cute!

  3. Nice idea! I am not much of a magnet person but I do get a souvenir from every place my husband and I go to. Would love to do this map thing as well. Thanks for sharing. Pinned


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