Baby Bibs- Part 1 (T-Shirt Bib)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Impressive is the word that people use on a daily basis to describe the mass amount of drool that comes out of my child. After getting frustrated from having to change my son’s shirt numerous times a day, I finally decided to begin my quest for the perfect bib. I just haven't been able to find any bibs that fit my needs and suit my style. So I finally decided to make my own.

I really wanted bibs that matched my child's outfits. The perfect solution for me was to use T-shirts. T-shirts were designed to be part of an outfit. Even better there are so many T-shirt options out there that you can find any shirt to fit your style or the style you are looking for, for your baby.

Below are the ones I made. I thought I would give my son some options :)

The Lifeguard

DSC09596  DSC09600  DSC09690

The Rocker

DSC09623 DSC09619 DSC09689

The Skater

DSC09626 DSC09699
On a completely different note… every baby boy should own a pair of high top sneakers! Adorable!
The Gamer

DSC09650 DSC09655   

The LunchtimeDSC09680 DSC09682DSC09816
I am in love with these bibs! They turned out better than expected! Tutorial coming tomorrow. Also coming soon, what to do with all of the left over t-shirt material that you didn’t use.



  1. What an awesome idea! My 1 year old refuses to use a sippy cup- only big kids cups for this darling, so... she's always soaked. Definitely going to make some t-shirt bibs tomorrow! Thanks for auditioning for American Crafter

  2. I need to make some for my teething 7 month old. Good Luck in American Crafter.
    Jessica-Mommy Creations

  3. I make the bibs using dishtowels with a knit ribbing neck and the last time I was making some I thought you could take old t-shirts and turn them into bibs using the ribbing etc. I thought that's what these would be. These are super cute, not what I expected but still a great idea.


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