Sunday, January 23, 2011

I think it is about time that we welcome you all to Better Together. We have been testing the blogging waters over the past few weeks and now we think it is time to dive right on in. We are so appreciative of all the support we have seen from you in just the short amount of time that we have been up and running. We can’t wait to get to you know you all better, and we can’t wait to meet new friends along the way.

So who are we?


We are three sisters (Angela, Whitney, Lauren- The Wray Sist3rs.) We live in three different places. (Colorado, Kansas, Utah.) We are in different places in our lives. We all have very different hobbies and interests. Whitney loves to cook. (Angela hates to cook.) Lauren is all about a healthy and active life style. (Angela and Whitney can't even stand the thought of working out.) Angela loves to sew and decorate. (Whitney and Lauren don't.)

Together we have created this blog to learn from each other and to help inspire each other to try new things. And most of all we are here to help each other to be a little better everyday. Of course, we are excited to have you join in our journey.

If you want to get to know any of us a little better, you can check out our individual profiles located on the sidebar.

A typical week here will look a little like the following…

Monday- Angela will showcase whatever has been running through her sewing machine that week or whatever project that she felt inspired to work on.

Wednesday- Whitney will share yummy recipes or give some great budgeting/coupon advice.

Friday- Lauren will offer up some exercise and nutrition tips.

What about Tuesday and Thursday, you ask? Well those are full of fun! One of us could post or maybe we will all post. It’s a surprise every week. And who doesn’t love surprises?!

We are excited to get started! We are excited to learn from each other! We are excited to offer a little something for everyone! And most of all we are excited to be Better Together!

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  1. Gotta love sister blogs! We are right there with you! Hey if that ikea clock challenge was a Utah trip you should totally include me next time! :)


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