Dr. Seuss Storage Boxes

Monday, January 17, 2011

My son has a Dr. Seuss themed nursery.


I loved every thing about his room except for one tiny little storage issue. Look how you can see everything on the shelves of his armoire. Actually it doesn’t look too bad in this before picture. Usually, blankets and junk were just thrown in every which way, it drove me nuts, and I needed a solution. I hunted for the perfect storage bin. I couldn’t find anything that was the perfect price, color, and size. So my solution, as it usually is, was to make my own.


I found that the small size moving boxes from Home Depot (you know the ones that only cost $0.69) were the exact size of the shelves. All I needed to do was make them pretty. Fortunately for me I had some left over book pages from this failed experiment… YIKES!


I had tried to wallpaper an entire wall with Dr. Seuss book pages. Cool in theory, but giant headache in real life. Literally a throbbing pain came into my head every time I entered his room. It was too much.
I took the unused, already torn out of book pages, and repurposed them for a few storage boxes.

Horton Hears a Who
 DSC08116 DSC08117

The Sneetches  

If I Ran the Zoo         

I even lined the boxes with fabric and glued a different color ribbon along the top edge of each box.
Here is my tip for this project. If you line the boxes I recommend cutting open the box first, laying it flat, and then gluing down the fabric. It will be a lot easier than trying to glue in the fabric once the box is already assembled. Then once the fabric has been glued down, just use some hot glue to reassemble the box.


This was one of those projects that I just couldn’t get out of my head and I knew that I just had to complete so I could move on with my life ;) So finally at midnight one night I got to it. I wanted this done as quickly as possible. These weren’t perfectly executed. I recommend taking your time and making sure that you smooth out any bumps that you have in the paper or fabric. That is what I would have done differently.


But, they have held up great and they hide all of the stuff that I don’t want to look at it! I love them for it!


And since this is an organizational post, here is where I store his diapers, wipes, and other changing table necessities.


And here is where I store a few of his books and toys. These are old baskets I had from back in college. I just updated them with a few pieces of colorful ribbon.


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  1. Very cute project. My younger two sons share a room at the moment so effecient use of space is crucial. I need a box for their sheets in their closet, tired of picking them up off the floor all the time.

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