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Monday, January 17, 2011

I think this blog is going to be more beneficial to me than to any of my sisters. This is the first year (ever!) that I have made New Year’s Resolutions. One, Involves training for a triathlon. The second, Involves being a little more frugal this year to save up some money for a dream vacation.

That is where my sisters come in. I will need the help of Whitney, the coupon queen, to help me with the money saving part. I will need Lauren, my work out guru, to help me get ready for the triathlon because I am clueless on where to even begin. And did you see that post she just did about strength training? And did you pick up on the muscle loss after age 25? I am in trouble.

And not that those goals aren’t big enough, but I even have a few more goals on top of the ones that I already mentioned. I knew a casual approach to my resolutions/goals wasn’t going to cut it. So when my husband came home the other day with the most incredible gift, a giant stack of note cards (oh the things in life that I find joy in) I knew what I had to do.

Also, can you believe that his work was going to just throw these beauties away? All they had on them were two tiny little numbers on the back side.


I busted out my circuit- and I know that the silhouette is all the rage these days, but my circuit can do just the same with the help of this little program- Sure Cuts A Lot. See… I told you. All I did was set up the Font’s below and then I let the circuit do the work.

Fullscreen capture 1172011 94502 AM

Here is the final outcome.


I can’t decide which month is my favorite. October, no January, maybe July, but April is cool too!

DSC00024DSC00020 DSC00022DSC00019 

Tie it all together and viola… A goal journal. This journal sits on my night stand and we look at it every night to assess our progress that day.


Our goals stay pretty consistent every month, but some will require a little bit of tweaking each month so I write the goals for the month on the back of the note card. Every night we discuss our progress and check off whether or not we accomplished what we needed too. I kind of feel like a kid again, getting a check mark on my chore calendar for brushing my teeth or something. It works for us.

Here’s to a kick butt, goal keeping 2011!



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