Snacking on the go

Friday, January 28, 2011

Life is busy. Sometimes that makes it hard to eat healthy on the go. If you know you have a busy day or week make sure to PLAN AHEAD! Get your food for the following day ready the night before, and it may help you choose healthier options to eat.

I’ve listed three healthy snack options I enjoy that give me the energy boost I need during my day!

1. Edamame (aka soybean) One cup of these babies is 120 calories. They carry a little protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids — the perfect pick-me-up for the 2 p.m.-drowse.

2. Almonds 15- 20 pieces is a good amount of almonds for a snack. 15 almond pieces amount to 105 calories. Research has shown that almonds can reduce your bad cholesterol (LDL) and help improve your good cholesterol (HDL).

3. Hummus and Carrots ¼-cup hummus and 12 baby carrots. 135 calories. This snack, to me, is to die for. I can’t eat carrots alone. I just can’t do it. They don’t do anything for me, taste-wise. Carrots with hummus are the only way I can eat them. This is a great alternative to ranch dressing. Stick the hummus in a little Tupperware and pack some carrots, and you are good to go. Hummus is great because it has the right kind of fat in it — monounsaturated. Carrots are great because they are loaded with vitamins.

These are all great snacks that you can toss in a Ziploc and throw in your purse. They'll help you eat healthier and give you energy throughout your busy day!


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