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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear Angie,

I have this cute TV stand with four different slots you can put things in. I bought two wicker baskets that take up two of the slots, and another slot holds our wii. My question is what can I put in the empty slot to help spruce up our outdated living room? A vase? A picture frame? I need help!

The one thing I do know is that I want it to match the pillows that are on our newlywed denim couch. I have hated this couch from the first time I saw it. Being the good wife that I am, Matt and I kept the couch and these are the three reasons why:

1. It helped us save money that we would have used on buying another one
2. It was comfortable and well broken in
3. To Matt it was some kind of family heirloom

Anyway, I think the pillows helped out the couch, right? So those pillows are my inspiration for trying to help spruce this outdated living room. I am hoping to get some help with the TV stand so it will be able to tie in nicely with the couch and pillows we have. Bring some ideas my way because I am ready to hear them!

Love, Lauren

Dear Lauren,

I think you have done a great job with the room. I also think that you are a very sweet wife. The couch really isn't that bad. You can always put a slipcover on the couch if the denim gets to be too much for you :) The pillows you picked out for the couch are adorable. I love their fun colors.

I think you are on the right track with a vase. In fact a couple of vases wouldn’t hurt. I'm sure you could pick up some cute, fun, and cheap vases at your local thrift store. If they are not the right color, you can always paint!

I like the group of vases below. You could even do a vase and a book, or a vase and a frame.

bookshelves-2_300Real Simple

Here is a fun idea. You could do a couple of colorful empty frames.

shelf-frames_300Real Simple

Or Maybe some brightly colored books. Obviously you don’t have room for this many books. Even if you get just 3 or 4 books in the right color, it could look cool.

(Sorry I can’t give credit to where this photo is from. I have no idea where I got it.)


You could always add some colorful and decorative paper or fabric to the back of the empty shelf, as well as the Wii shelf. Something like this perhaps.

You could also put your initials in the open slot. I picked up a cardboard H at Hobby Lobby the other day for only $1. I’m sure your local craft store has some initials for sale. You could paint them or cover them in a decorative paper or fabric. You could even make your own initials out of cardboard if you have an empty box lying around. 

shelves_300  Real Simple

And if you need to use the shelf for storage and not just decoration, you could always put some colorful boxes.

book-case-labels_300  Real Simple

I would focus on finding something fun to display. Don’t count something out just because it is the wrong color. Paint can be your best friend! I hope these ideas help. I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

Love, Angela

What about you, our blogger friends, do you have any advice for Lauren?


  1. The group of vases is a great idea. Also, if you aren't renting...or even if you are you could ask your landlord for permission....paint the walls!!! When painting paneling wash them down well first and then coat the walls with a quality primer before painting. Our first house after we married was wall to wall paneling. Every. Single. Room. We asked the landlord for permission to paint and he was happy to oblige and he also deducted the amount of the paint supplies from our next month's rent. It immediately changed the entire atmosphere of the house. If the area is void of a good source of natural light keep the walls VERY light colored to open up the space.

  2. That is a great idea! I will have to talk to the landlord about it! The room is a little dark and dated so adding some paint would help brighten it up a lot!


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