Baby Bibs- Part 3 (The BibCape)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

So remember the questions that I asked yesterday?

Now what do you do with the rest of the T-Shirt that you haven’t used yet?

Well let me show you what I did…

Surprise! Surprise! I made more bibs… or did I?

Let me present to you the BibCape- Yep, one word! By day it is a Bib, and by night…

Ok, so my 9 month old has no clue what at a bib is, let alone a cape. As long as it tastes good when it goes in his mouth is all that he cares about. So if you have an older son this might work better as long as your T-Shirt was big enough. Since I only have one son- a BibCape is what he gets.


Now my son had, had it with the picture taking. So you will just have to use your imagination to picture what an adorable Batman he makes. (And yes, I just used Batman and adorable in the same sentence.) DSC09840DSC09851

The BibCape

***And what happened to the pics in Part 2? Gone… for now. Easier to follow pictures coming by the end of the week.


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