Strength Training: It Isn't Just For Arnold

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I believe everyone should learn about the great benefits of exercise. Learning about the benefits maybe will give you more motivation to get out and exercise more! The next couple weeks I just plan on talking about what great things exercise can do for you if you integrate it into your life!

Strength Training:

One great way to help maintain your weight is to strength train. Research indicates that after
the age of twenty-five, your muscles may lose more than one-half pound of muscle tissue
every year if they are not properly trained. Strength training is important because it allows
your body to keep functioning properly as you get older.

Key reasons why strength training is important:

— One pound of muscle requires three times more energy at rest than the energy required to maintain a pound of fat.
— If you increase three pounds of muscle you will have an increase of 40 calories per day
— You will have an increase in lean body mass
— You will increase your resting metabolic rate (the amount of energy the body uses while at rest)
— You will increase the use of stored fat at rest

Tune in next week to learn about the importance of cardio exercise!

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